Welcome to Hotel Björnson

216 extra beds
in all devices

Family friendly
& pet friendly hotel

Accommodation directly on the slope
Jasná Nízke Tatry resorts

Unique wellness
right in the complex

NON-STOP reception
and free parking

Hotel Björnson is one of the best known Tatra hotels in Slovakia. Located in Demanovska Valley, in the middle of the ski resort Jasna. It is located near the slope and cable car, so you can ski from the hotel to the entire resort Jasna.

It is here that a unique accommodation complex was created right in the heart of Jasná. In the area you will find the possibility of accommodation in the original hotel Björnsonka, in the Villa, in the Hostel and in the new cottages TREE HOUSES. The current accommodation capacity is a total of 216 beds, including extra beds.