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The newly built unique wellness center offers perfect relaxation right in the middle of the forest overlooking the surrounding hills. Finnish sauna, bio sauna, hot outdoor baths and relaxation rooms, all in close contact with nature. In the near future, a space will be added in which you will be able to enjoy a pleasant massage or a healing wrap.

Wellness is open from 3 pm to 10 pm.


Classic massage (back, neck or legs)
25 minutes 23€
Classic massage (whole body) 50 minutes 40€
Relaxing massage (back, neck)
25 minutes 23€
Relaxing massage (whole body) 50 minutes 40€
Relaxing massage (head, face or face, décolleté) 25 minutes 23€
Lifting facial massage 25 minutes 25€
Coconut massage (whole body) 50 minutes 40€
Honey detoxification massage (back, neck)
25 minutes 28€
Chocolate massage (peeling, massage, or massage, wrap) 50 minutes 40€
Reflexology foot massage 25 minutes 23€
Banking (glass banks, fire) 50 minutes 40€
Lava stones massage 25 minutes 25€
Lava stones massage 50 minutes 40€
Baby massage (up to 15 years) 15 minutes 13€
Baby massage (up to 15 years) 25 minutes 20€
Björnson massage (full body aroma massage with mountain herbs) 50 minutes 42€
Peat wrap 25 minutes 12€
Anti-cellulite wrap 25 minutes 12€
Mud with seaweed 25 minutes 12€
Chocolate wrap 25 minutes 12€
Chestnut wrap for varicose veins 25 minutes 12€
Whole body 25 minutes 20€