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Björnson Chalet was built in 1952 in the typical mountain style and at the time was one of the most modern lodges that could be found. It was originally a hostel for hikers belonging to youth organizations. Its excellent location and magnificent surroundings contributed to the Björnsonka’s growth in popularity and it soon became one of the most popular mountain hotels in the Tatras.

Starting in 2000, the chalet began to deteriorate and was soon functioning in only a limited mode. Reconstruction began in 2015, with the aim of completely restoring and upgrading it to the standards of today’s guests. The building was reconstructed with full respect for its past, seeking to preserve Björnsonka’s “original spirit” and to keep links with its tradition. The redesigned and modernized Björnson Eko-šport Hotel reappeared on the map of the Jasná Ski Resort in the spring of 2016, where it clearly belongs.

Origin of the Chalet’s Name

The chalet carries the name of Norwegian author Björnstjern Björnson, winner of the 1903 Nobel Prize for Literature. At the turn of the 20 th century he fought for Norway’s independence and expressed interest in the fate of other oppressed peoples in Europe, among them the Slovaks. A monument was supposed to have been built in his honor at Demänovská Dolina. But when it failed to materialize, the grateful residents of Liptov dedicated the Jasná chalet to this distinguished author instead. The name remains preserved and the chalet will also be commemorating this famous man with a memorial plaque.